The Official TweetBomb Blog

Welcome everyone to the official TweetBomb blog. Here you will be able to track who we bombed, how many bombs, how many new followers they got, and all kinds of other great information. As you can see though, all of the early bombs are missing information. So, if you are were bombed at any point, please send us an email with your recap of the event! Include as much info/story as you would like, just try to cover the information shown on the page. If you have any helpful suggestions to make this blog even better please feel free to share here. See you at 3:33!



2 Responses to “The Official TweetBomb Blog”

  1. Kid Says:

    tweetbomb is one of the coolest things i found on twitter. most of my friends dont get twitter…but im glad i like it enough to find @tweetbomb

  2. Allen L. Kelly Says:

    TweetBomb is a snapshot look at Twitter viral marketing. The Twitter influence is widespread and TweetBomb proves it everyday at 3:33pm EST.

    Viva la Bomb,

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